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Cloth is a wonderful alternative to disposable products. They are very comfortable, easy to use, dependable, cost effective, and earth friendly. Cloth can be used by women and teens even on their heaviest days. When you choose cloth, you are reducing environmental waste, supporting small business and women's industry!

The Essence of Eve reusable products are available at Etsy.  If you have questions about ordering, check out our order info page which includes a price chart
Choose from a variety of fabrics, sizes, and absorbancy to maximize fit, comfort, and function. Our Contour Tab style cloth is turned and top stitched for clean, non-fray edging. 
Contour Tab Style Essence of Eve
Contour Tab Design

  • Trim tabs reduce overall bulk and provide secure fit
  • All-In-One style backed with hiqh quality microfleece.
  • Available in Regular, Petite, and Mini sizes
  • Our most popular style, available by custom order and ready-to-ship.

Dimensions - all measurements are approximate and widths are measured at snapped center.

  • Mini - 7" long, 2" width
  • Petite - 9" long, 2.25" width
  • Regular - 11" long, 2.5" width
We use a variety of premium materials in constructing our products.
  • For the top layer, choose from decorative quilter's flannels, cotton velours, or luxurious organic bamboo velour.
  • The cores are made from cotton flannel and cotton fleece.  
  • We use quality polyester micro fleece for the backing.

Our products are created and packaged in a clean, smoke-free environment.

A frequently asked question is, "which fabric to choose?".  All three of our commonly used fabrics, flannel, cotton velour, and organic bamboo velour, are terrific fabrics for cloth.  Flannel is soft, durable, absorbent , comes in a wide variety of fun prints, and is the most economical.  Cotton velour is extra soft and also durable and absorbent.  Organic bamboo velour is the silkiest, softest fabric (true luxury!), is extra absorbent, and stain resistant.   

Another common question is whether we use organic fabrics.  Our organic bamboo velour (OBV) is certified organic, although the dyes we use in our hand-dyeing process are not.  If you would prefer to have your cloth made with undyed OBV, just ask!  We use cotton fleece for the cores of our cloth and we try very hard to buy organic cotton fleece when we can find it.  Our flannels are not organic and neither are our microfleece backings, which are a man-made polyester.

When properly cared for, cloth will last many years. You can store cloth prior to washing either wet or dry. We recommend the dry method, particularly if you have small children to whom buckets pose a drowning hazard. Presoaking in cold water will reduce staining on light colored cloth.

Wet Storage Method
Keep a covered bucket or pot in your washroom. Fill it halfway with cool water (you can add baking soda and/or essential oils to control odor). Toss soiled cloth into the water to soak and change water daily.  Wash thoroughly at the end of the week. 

Dry Storage Method
Store soiled pads in an empty covered bucket or waterproof cloth bag in your washroom.

At the end of the week, empty bucket into your washer, add some towels to make a full load, and wash with detergent and cold or warm water for the longest cycle (gentle agitation, if available).  

You can wash in hot, but hot water often sets stains and is hard on fabric. Although we pre-wash all of our fabrics prior to cutting and sewing, they have a high natural fiber content (cotton and bamboo) and may shrink when washed and/or dried at high temperatures.  We recommend primarily warm or cold washing. You may wish to rinse occasionally with hot water to sanitize and remove detergent build-up. Hot washes should also be used when you are fighting any irritation or infection. Please do not use chlorine bleach on your cloth. It will quickly deteriorate the fabric and is highly toxic to all living things (including you!).

Line or machine dry at moderate temperatures. Do not use fabric softeners in the wash or in dryer sheet form. Fabric softeners will cause your cloth to repel rather then absorb moisture. You can lay clean damp cloth in a sunny spot for Mother Nature's natural stain remover!

We are a home-based family business. The Essence of Eve has been serving women since 2007. We began sewing and selling online in 2003 with PattyNaps, our line of boutique children's clothing and cloth diapers. We are pleased to support Kiva allows us, with help from our customers, to fund small business loans for women entrepreneurs in developing countries.  As these loans are repaid (as they almost always are) we can then redirect those funds to new developing businesses. You can visit The Essence of Eve's lender page here.

Our store policies, shipping, and payment information can be found on our Policies page.

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